Our Mission

The Tea Party 4 Black Girls mission is to uplift Black women by prioritizing wellness and providing space for connection amongst a powerful group of individuals who are dedicated to making positive impacts on their communities and the world at large. 

Black women deserve a space to be free, taken care of and most importantly heard. By bringing these individuals together to discuss their journeys we are providing a space for us to support one another and continue to cultivate true community.

And that’s the Tea.

Tea Party 4 Black Girls

Meet The Team

Bianka gravillis

Bianka Gravillis

Ceo and owner of tea party 4 black girls

With a background in entertainment and entrepreneurship “ BG” created a space where black women could be seen and find mutual ground by celebrating their differences.

Sun : Taurus

Moon: Taurus

Rising: Gemini

Doorjé Animashaun

Director of Communications

With a passion for wellness and background in business operations, Doorjé has made it her life’s mission to be a part of and support spaces that put Black women at top of mind.

Sun : Leo

Moon: Libra

Rising: Pisces 

Doorjé Animashaun

Kayla Smith

Social + Brand Intern

Kayla recently graduated from LMU with a major in sociology alongside having her own floral business “ yellow pink flower cake’. Her passion for florals and community shines through her ability to create compelling socials and even more beautiful floral arrangements.

Sun : Pisces

Moon: Sagittarius

Rising: Gemini

Tea Party 4 Black Girls cultivates community through intimate events centered around safety, connection and wellness. Through support of local vendors, community partners and brands that value Black women.


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  1. To provide safe wellness opportunities for black women across the world 
  2. Setting a new precedent for how black women are seen, heard and appreciated across all industries and mediums