Tea Party 4 Black Girls

Game Night @Our Place featuring Moss

In a world where wellness and good food collide, an unforgettable event recently took place that combined the refreshing goodness of sea moss beverages from Moss with the innovative cooking ware of Our Place.

This unique event was a celebration of taste, health, and togetherness, leaving attendees inspired and eager to infuse more emotional wellness into their lives.

Let’s take a look back at the highlights of this memorable gathering!

Our friends over at Moss supplied us with three of their new flavors – pomegranate, mango ginger, and pure Moss. 

Attendees were treated to an array of uniquely crafted sea moss beverages that merged health and flavor in perfect harmony. Within the realm of our beverages, the ‘Pure Intentions’ trio delighted our palates. A fusion of Moss Water, Matcha, and Green Tea Lemonade, kissed with a hint of sake, created a rejuvenating flavor.

‘Main Squeeze’ refreshed with its blend of Mango Moss Water, Ginger, and a sprig of Mint. The tajin mojito twist added an invigorating twist to this revitalizing concoction.
Finally, ‘Lady P.’ made her entrance, an enchanting fusion of Hibiscus Tea and Pomegranate Moss Water. A squeeze of lime and a touch of spritz completed this delightful symphony.

The event took an amazing turn as the girls we’re served a plant-based menu prepared by Chef Tia and José afterwards! 

As the girls arrived and settled in they were invited to play the engaging card game from Our Place, “Let’s Dig In.” Attendees gathered in small groups, each armed with a deck of conversation cards. The game prompted thought-provoking discussions around wellness, culinary experiences, and personal journeys.

From sharing favorite aspect about themselves  to discussing the importance of mindful eating, the game facilitated connections that transcended the surface. 

The Moss x Our Place event was a testament to the power of bringing together individuals who share a passion for well-being and culinary exploration. It was an evening of connection, exploration, and the joy of savoring both the flavors on the plate and the conversations at the heart of it all.

This event reminded us to pause, savor the moment, and cherish the connections that nourish us from within. Until the next Tea Party , let’s keep the spirit of togetherness alive, one sip and one conversation at a time.

We can’t wait to spill the tea with you xx

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