Tea Party 4 Black Girls

We Dare You To Download this Audio Erotica App

tp4bg x quinn -where is the self love? location: Tea at Shiloh

We recently had an event at the renowned Tea at Shiloh’s new space, the annex. The ultimate intimate space exclusively for our guests and the perfect location for the conversations we were getting ready to have around self-love.

The brand that helped us have this conversation was none other than Quinn app! The audio erotica app is built to create that intimacy with yourself as well as to share with others in a less visually driven way through beautifully mixed audio that immerse you into a new world.

Now, initially we were in debate if this is an event we should do because we know how taboo speaking on masterb*tion and p*rn is in the black community.

We wanted to create a space where Black Womxn can feel comfortable as well as express themselves, speak on their experience, and maybe teach us a thing or two lol! 

As Black Women, we frequently experience shame and social exclusion when it comes to exploring our sexuality, with the constant fear of being judged. On behalf of the Quinn app, we would like to extend a generous offer of a free month subscription for you to freely explore the app and its features without any limitations! 

Download the Quinn app and let us know your thoughts about here.

Happy exploring girl 😉

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